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Biopsychology provides the basis for a methodology that supports integral health, helps us to reduce negative emotions such as fear, irritability, and anxiety, and emphasizes positive attitudes such as dynamism, compassion and peace. The course is dedicated to those who are looking for a deeper meaning of life and who long for a higher state of consciousness.

Bimonthly weekend course imparted by

Ávadhútika Ánanda Harimayá Ácaryá


MODULE 1: Tantra and Cakras

Introduction to the history of Tantra, the essential spiritual science.
Cosmic Consciousness or the holographic Universe. The cakras, sub-centers and neurotransmitters – the molecules of emotions. First cakra - root of the energy of creation.

MODULE 5:  Fifth and Sixth Cakras

Thyroid gland: lethargy and hyperactivity. Transpersonal and humanist psychologies: service and transcendence. The pituitary gland and the science of sound: mantra. Techniques to harmonize the thyroid and pituitary glands and elevate the consciousness.

MODULE 2:  Second Cakra

Addiction, compulsion, psychological disorder, inferiority complexes, hierarchy, techniques to balance the two base cakras, development of self-esteem.

MODULE 6:  Seventh Cakra

“The third eye” – the pineal gland, our biological clock. Spiritual universal experience: union with the Infinite. Techniques to elevate the cosmic energy (kundalinii), the experience of bliss.

MODULE 3:  Third Cakra

Stress or the “fight or flight” response and the psychosomatic response. Depression, the most common psychic problem of today; anxiety, attachment and the society of consumption. Techniques to control stress – dynamic equilibrium.

MODULE 7:  Karma and Rebirth

The cycle of death and rebirth. The process of accumulation and experiencing of samskaras. Your life story: creating a new myth.

MODULE 4:  Fourth Cakra

Hope, the new science of psychoneuro-immunology (PNI). Hopelessness, the thymus gland and cancer. How to transform the ego and develop non-conditional love. Techniques to strengthen optimism and the immune system.

MODULE 8:  Tantra and Society

Global crisis and the theory of chaos.
Biopsychology in education and culture.
A new economy based in the operating principles of nature.
The consciousness of the third millennium: a society in harmony and equilibrium.